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Security Consulting

Elevating Security Standards: Empowering Businesses, Individuals, Non-Profits, and Faith-Based Organizations

Welcome to our premier Security Consulting services, dedicated to enhancing your safety and security through meticulous guidance. Our comprehensive offerings cater to businesses, individuals, non-profits, and faith-based organizations, ensuring a robust shield against potential risks.

Our Security Consulting Services Include:

  1. Security/Risk Assessments: Thorough evaluations to identify vulnerabilities and devise effective risk mitigation strategies.
  2. Physical Security Drills: Hands-on exercises to optimize your physical security measures and response protocols.
  3. Policies & Procedures Review and Planning: Crafting and refining policies for a resilient security framework.
  4. Expert Church Safety & Security Teams and Training: Specialized solutions for the unique security needs of faith-based organizations, including expert teams and tailored training programs.

Our Certifications Speak Volumes:

  • ASIS International CPP Certification: Recognized as the Golden Standard in Security Management, attesting to our commitment to excellence.
  • AZ DPS Recognized Instructor for Guard Certification: Empowering our clients with both armed and unarmed security solutions, endorsed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Why Choose Us:

  • 15 Years in the Safety & Security Industry: A decade and a half of unwavering dedication and expertise in safeguarding our clients.
  • Professional Instructors Cadre with Combined Experience Over 90 Years: Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience offered by our seasoned instructors.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your security needs are in the hands of industry leaders. At Empower Training Academy, Inc. we don’t just meet standards; we set them. Elevate your security posture with us.

Security System Recommendations

The effectiveness of your security plan is closely tied to the quality of your security equipment. Our team provides expert-based Security System Recommendations tailored to your unique requirements. We use our extensive knowledge and expertise to guide you in vendor selection, equipment selection, and optimal placement.

Our recommendations cover a wide range of security equipment, including:

  • CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television): Implementing advanced camera systems for surveillance.
  • Access Control: Regulating and monitoring access to secure areas.
  • Alarms: Deploying alarm systems for timely threat detection.
  • A.I. Applications: Utilizing artificial intelligence for enhanced security measures.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems: Implementing systems to detect and respond to unauthorized access.
  • Perimeter Security Solutions: Securing the boundaries of your premises.
  • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems: Ensuring early detection and effective suppression of fire incidents.
  • Biometric Access Systems: Employing biometric technology for secure access.
  • Security Audits and Risk Assessments: Conducting thorough evaluations to identify vulnerabilities and assess risks.

Our recommendations are comprehensive and consider the specific needs of your environment. Trust us to enhance your security infrastructure with reliable and advanced solutions.

Home Safety & Security Planning

Keep yourself and your family safe with our experienced-driven home safety and security plan for your cell service. Whether you’re worried about the kids getting home safely from school, medical emergencies, or how to plan for food and shelter when a storm hits, we can help. We also offer home intruder safety plan guidance to keep your entire family happy in emergencies.

Don’t get caught off-guard when it matters most. Develop a plan now and protect yourself in the future.

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The following Courses are offered via our affiliate ETA Firearms

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State Conceal Carry Permits

Are you searching for a concealed carry class near me in Arizona? Empower Training Academy offers State Conceal carry permit certifications to help you carry safely.

Security Guard Certification

We Certify your Arizona-based guards, both armed and non-armed, with our comprehensive training programs. Elevate your security personnel’s skills through a diverse range of in-person and online courses. Our continuing education offerings extend nationwide, ensuring a highly trained and capable security force. Enhance your company’s bottom line by investing in professional development that not only meets industry standards but exceeds them. Secure your clients with the highest level of protection, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in security services.

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Personal Safety Courses

Build skills to maintain your safety no matter who you are or what you do with our Personal Safety courses.

We help a variety of everyday people and professionals like:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Real-Estate Agents
  • Massage Therapists
  • Notaries
  • Single Moms
  • Domestic Abuse Survivors
  • And more!

Safe Arizona Firearms Education

Our dedication to professional firearms instruction is marked by a commitment to safety, a welcoming and easy-going atmosphere, and a focus on humility without egos or attitudes.

As seasoned instructors, we specialize not only in firearms training but also possess expertise in less-lethal methods. Our training encompasses the use of SABRE OC spray, Byrna .68 caliber pepper launcher, Taser x1, ASP Baton, and Flashlight. With NRA and USCCA certifications, our team ensures a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to your training needs.

From beginner to advanced levels, our courses include a combination of simulator and live fire sessions. We go beyond conventional training with real-world scenarios and force-on-force exercises, providing a holistic and practical learning experience.

* All firearms, medical, and less-lethal training are provided by ETA Firearms, a separate entity from Empower Training Academy.*


Women Empowerment Courses

Empower yourself with gun training for women and our empowerment courses. Each course is hosted in an all-female, safe, judgment-free, stress-free, and enjoyable environment that promotes learning and growth.

Learn the skills you need to stay safe with our women-only courses in Arizona and online.Women only Firearms, self-defense, women only mini-academy, Kintsugi, Tree of life, Women only Retreats and so much more.  Check out our event calendar for more information

First-Aid Training

Learn the basics of first aid with our first-aid training courses taught by a USCCA Instructor, Stop The Bleed Instructor, and American Heart Association (BLS) Instructor.

Our first-aid training includes the following trainings:

  • CPR/AED/First Aid
  • Stop the Bleed
  • Hunter medical training

We’ll also show you what medical equipment is best for first-aid situations and how to use that equipment properly.

Start Your Safety Training Journey Today

Stop The Bleed

Comprehensive Security and Safety Training Services with Annual Security Reviews

Elevate your safety measures with our professional and comprehensive security and safety training services. Our tailored programs cater to business owners, churches, and individuals seeking to enhance their security awareness and protocols. Beyond initial training, we provide continuous support, ensuring you stay safe, healthy, and secure.

We go the extra mile by conducting annual reviews of your security needs, and make personalized recommendations, allowing you to stay ahead of potential risks. With a nationwide reach, our commitment is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a secure environment.

Invest in your safety today and benefit from continuous training and support services that go beyond the basics. Trust us to be your partner in maintaining a secure and protected environment.