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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

The Empower Training Academy holds the following certifications: ASIS International CPP Certification (the golden standard in security management). NRA pistol and rifle, CCW instructor and NRA Chief Range Officer, USCCA Instructor, Byrna Instructor, SABRE OC Instructor, ASP Baton & Flashlight Instructor, ALERRT Mass Shooting Survival Instructor, Massad Ayoob “Use of Deadly Force” Graduate, Stop the Bleed Instructor, American Heart Association (BLS) Instructor, CPR/AED/First-Aid Instructor), We are also a recognized instructor for Guard certification (armed and unarmed) and hold 15 years of experience in the safety and security industry. We continually add new certification and attend continuing education seminars.

Wondering if first-aid training is right for you? The answer is yes. We recommend medical professionals and the general population take first-aid classes and trauma training, especially those who plan to use firearms.

We specialize in offering comprehensive Arizona guard training for both unarmed and armed security professionals. However, our commitment goes beyond basic training. We take pride in taking the extra step to provide a range of courses designed to enrich, elevate, and enhance the skills of guards. Our goal is to contribute to the continuous improvement of guard capabilities, thereby raising the overall standard of security services. It’s important to note that while we focus on education and skill development, we do not offer guard services ourselves. All of our continued education opportunities are accessible nationwide, making our programs available to security professionals across the United States.

Yes, we can provide you with a list of vendors that can assist you with your specific needs. We do not contract with one specific vendor and keep searching for a qualified, licensed vendor that can accommodate our client’s needs and budgets.

Firearms training is important for safety, education, and learning the fundamentals of using a weapon. The average person doesn’t have access to the facts about firearms training. Avoiding safety mishaps starts with understanding your firearm. To stay safe, you need to invest in firearm training.

Yes, we provide consulting services, physical security, intelligence support, and risk assessments to organizations requiring security support.

The AZ Constitutional Carry Law allows any citizen who is able to own a firearm legally and who is 21 years old or older to carry a loaded and concealed firearm on their person without a permit or license in their vehicle. Our team would happily answer any questions you have about this law.