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How to Choose Your First Firearms Course

How to Choose Your First Firearms Course

  • Do you have some firearms training but need a refresher course?
  • Or maybe you have all the basics down and aren’t sure what the next step is?
  • Our “How to Choose Your First Firearms” guides you step-by-step to the perfect training.

Real Estate Agency Safety

  • Are you a real estate agent? If so, this course is right for you!

    As an agent, you face unique risks that other industry professionals don’t. We’ve designed this course to keep you safe on the job.In this course, you’ll learn the following:

    • Proven Strategies to Keep You Safe
    • Proper Firearm Safety

You Need to Know As Firearm Owner

  • Do you know where your gun is at all times? Do you keep it under lock and key, or is it fully loaded under the bed?
  • In this course, we’ll show you how to defend yourself using your firearm safely and legally. Start with a quick, 9-minute video to see your firearms knowledge level.

Why Take A Gun Safety Course

Not sure if you really need to take a gun safety course? Knowledge can empower you and keep you safe. Our “Why Take A Gun Safety Course” directs you to the reasons why everyone who owns a firearm should learn how to use, maintain, store, and transport it safely.

Introduction to Handguns

Get started as a firearms enthusiast with this 30-minute, self-paced course.

You’ll learn:

    • Basic Firearms Safety
    • Basic Firearm Knowledge
    • Ammunition Knowledge
    • Safe Weapons Transport
    • Proper Storage
    • How to Choose A Firearm
    • Range Safety Fundamentals

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