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We service security professionals, businesses, individuals and strive to be your trusted advisor, not just another service provided. We will set your organization up for success. Our security experts and instructors provide real-world, reliable solutions for all our clients, considering their special needs and unique circumstances. Houses of worship security subject matter experts, Book a free phone consultation



We are your source for physical security advice and training. We will guide you from the start through risk assessment, policies and procedures, loss prevention, asset protection, utilizing a holistic approach to security based on your specific needs and budget. 

Our Experience

Daniel Schneider, Founder and Senior Consultant at Empower Training Academy, Inc., brings over 13 years of profound experience to the realm of security training and consulting. From his beginnings in the Israel Defense Forces to key roles with telecom giants like Metro PCS and T-Mobile, Daniel’s journey is marked by unwavering dedication and expertise. Certified by ASIS International, NRA, USCCA, and the American Heart Association, he is a distinguished subject matter expert. Under his leadership, Empower Training Academy goes beyond traditional consulting, offering tailored in-house programs and top-tier training collaborations across diverse domains. Trust Daniel Schneider and Empower Training Academy for unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence in security.

The Shalom

Discover enhanced safety with our Shalom Program, tailored for Houses of Worship, businesses, and individuals nationwide. Our affordable package provides comprehensive safety and security training, fostering a culture of awareness, responsibility, and empowerment. Join a community committed to long-term safety – learn from experts, connect with leaders, and strengthen your security capabilities. Make a lasting impact on your safety and your community’s well-being. Monthly fees apply (additional costs for travel and accommodation). Prioritize your safety with Shalom

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Life is unpredictable. You never know when you’ll be found in a dangerous situation. Are you prepared? If you can’t answer a wholehearted “yes,” then it’s time to take action. The Empowerment Training Academy offers everything you need to learn how to be safe, use a firearm safely, and empower yourself. From active security recommendations for your business to hands-on individual training, our team is here to set you up for success. Ready to empower yourself? If so, schedule an appointment with us if you’re in Arizona or explore our eLearning catalog.

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